Tenner book haul!

There are a few places that I automatically think of when I think ‘book haul’. Other than my favourite second hand bookshops (the best of which has sadly gone downhill in the years since the previous owner died of a heart attack) I’ll turn to Amazon Marketplace, The Book People, supermarkets or The Works for cheap books that are often outside of what I would usually pay full price for. More often they have books from authors I’ve never read, Tickled Pink books that raise money for breast cancer charities or just books from new authors that are fun, overly dramatic and easy to read. So I love them.

Friday was payday, so of course I headed off to get new books (while placing an Amazon order for some I’d had my eye on for a while- more on that when it arrives!) I had to go into town in any case so I headed to The Works. Which, by the way, is a bit of a garish collection of craft supplies, cheap gifts, reference books and 3 for £5 fiction. I headed to the latter and picked up six books for ten pounds.


Now, here I made a bit of a cock up as a result of being very bad with names. I saw a whole shelf of Lisa Genova books and thought ‘great! I love her books!‘ when in actual fact I love Lisa Jewell and have never actually read any Lisa Genova books. I know I own Still Alice in ebook form and have read good reviews about all of her writing so I’m still excited to read them. Left Neglected is about a woman brain damaged after a car accident, Love Anthony is about a woman whose son is diagnosed with autism and Inside the O’Briens is about a police officer who discovers he has Huntington’s disease. I should point out at this point that I was meant to be picking books up for my holiday on Monday and, as per my previous post, once again I have failed miserably at it. We probably won’t be enjoying these over a pot of afternoon tea in rainy Devon. Or maybe we will. Maybe they’ll be quite fitting.

The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E Smith just might fit the bill a bit better. It’s about a couple who meet while trapped in a lift and fall in love. It sounds cute, it sounds like my cup of tea and I’m looking forward to reading it.

This is a Love Story by Jessica Thompson reminds me of a John Green, but may well turn out very differently (I’m judging a book entirely by its blurb here). It’s about a girl and a boy, Sienna and Nick, who fall in love. Sienna has secrets, she’s reluctant to get close to Nick. I could probably guess the plot, but I’ll enjoy reading it for myself instead.

Finally, I bought a controversial one for me (I kid, but I have such torn feelings over this one). Cocktails for Three by Madeleine Wickham. I love Sophie Kinsella, I could re-read her books a hundred times… but I’ve never fully got into a Madeleine Wickham book. Objectively, I know they’re the same person, but she writes so differently under each name it’s hard to believe. But, in fairness I have only ever attempted a Madeleine Wickham book when I’ve run out of my own and dung into whatever has been left in the houses my family stay in in France. So she hasn’t had a fair chance.

All in all, for a tenner, I don’t think I did too badly! For now, I should finish my current read!


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