A Book and a Brew

I wish I could take credit for the title of this post because I do think it’s brilliant. Sadly, I can’t as it’s the name of a subscription service I stumbled across recently. It was a happy accident, as I was actually looking for UK-friendly equivalent to Owl Crate (mentioned or reblogged, I think, by the lovely Lady Bookmad on Tumblr) and after going round the metaphorical houses I found Book and a Brew.

A Book and a Brew is a monthly subscription service where you receive a hardback novel and a box of tea to drink alongside it. And if there’s anything in the world I love as much as books it’s tea. So I signed straight up.

My favourite (but not my only) teapot. My collection isn't quite matching my book one yet!
My favourite (but not my only) teapot. My collection isn’t quite matching my book one yet!

Firstly, I should talk about the service I received. Thanks to some confusion involving PayPal I originally signed up using an address I no longer live at. Entirely my fault, but within 24 hours of emailing Book and a Brew’s customer service to explain they had replied saying they’d amended my subscription and not to worry. Phew!

So, to the actual subscription. Packages are dispatched on the 15th of every month, so signing up beforehand is essential so you don’t miss it. I received mine on the 17th (Luckily, as it was a Saturday and I was home to take it from the postman!) so delivery was pretty speedy! The box was far too big for a letterbox, but given that it contains more than a hardback book I wasn’t surprised.

Rooms by Lauren Oliver and popcorn tea from Teapigs
Rooms by Lauren Oliver and popcorn tea from Teapigs

This month, unsurprisingly, was Halloween themed with my package coming with a card that explained the link between the book and the tea. Rooms by Lauren Oliver is, in part, a ghost story and what could go better with a ghost story but popcorn? I’m an utter whimp when it comes to horror films and I hate popcorn but weirdly I love horror books and this tea was delicious. The mix was adorable and really well thought out.

Incidentally, and by complete stroke of luck, Lauren Oliver is an author I already love. Panic is probably my favourite of hers but I really enjoyed the Delirium series when I read them a few years ago (in the midst of my love affair with YA dystopian fiction). So I was pleasantly surprised that my first package from Book and a Brew contained a book by an author I already liked, but hadn’t already read.

So, I’m really impressed with my first box and I’m looking forward to next month. I’m still jealous of the range of book subscription services available in the US but for now this is filling the void!

Also, my cat very much loves the box.

Nuha models my Book and a Brew delivery!
Nuha models my Book and a Brew delivery!

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