Holiday reads


My holidays picks featuring cacti Bulbasaur
So, I’m packing for my week away (and should probably still be packing right now) but I take the job of choosing books to read very seriously when I’m away from home!

It turns out I’ve actually already read a couple of chapters of Written in the Stars by Ali Harris after I found an old train ticket wedged in it as a bookmark (train tickets make the best bookmarks). I must have started it before moving and completely lost track.

As for the others, I had to have a Jojo Moyes book in the mix. Me Before You was the book that started my friends running joke that my books always make them cry after my best friend picked it up on a long coach journey and was in bits by the end. I’ve read others of hers since (and loved them) and they didn’t make me cry so fingers crossed that The Girl You Left Behind might be a happy medium. Given the amount of poppies on the cover I may be prematurely hopeful though. Luckily I love a good cry.

Jenny Colgan is a favourite of mine when I need something light and fluffy. I read The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris a couple of years ago and I tend to always have one of her books in my suitcase on family holidays in case my mum needs something to borrow (it’s generally accepted in my family that my idea of a ‘holiday read’ doesn’t quite match theirs after I read Cancer Ward by Alexandra Solzhenitsyn round a pool once). She’s a lovely writer, and her books make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

The Two of Us by Andy Jones came in an Amazon order of ‘recommended for you’ selections a few months ago. I also bought a bunch of thrillers (mainly around missing children or whole families getting shot) so I wasn’t in the mood to pick this one up at the same time. I’m intrigued by it as a book that is written by a man, but with a plot that wouldn’t be out of place in any chick lot writer’s repertoire. I find a John Green a bit grating and over the top on the romantics, so I’m looking forward to discovering a male writer who can write that kind of book realistically because so far a lot have missed the mark.

(I have very strong feelings towards chick lit as a genre which I will probably write about at some point. I love it, I’ll defend it to the end. I get angry when a genre written with women in mind is devalued)

Finally, I’ve talked about The Georgraphy of You and Me and This is a Love Story in my previous post and I’m still looking forward to reading them this week!

Between three of us hopefully we’ll make a dent in my little list!


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