My novel haul

Some of my books. There are more stashed away somewhere!

I took this photo back in July when I unpacked (what I thought was) the last of my books. Turns out I was missing a box of ‘S’ which subsequently turned up. At the time I alphabetised all of them (see my neat stacks?!) and realised that in the move I had lost two bookcases and therefore about 30% of my storage space.
This left me in a bit of a predicament. Books can’t line up in the right order anymore, I can’t easily check whether I already own a book, I’ve started doubling up accidentally (I now own two copies of Under the Dome by Stephen King which are taking up about half a foot of shelf space). It’s all a mild disaster.

I was planning on cataloging my books with an app, but Goodreads has stopped working on my iPad and the barcode scanner was going to be my lifesaver (can you imagine manually writing down 900 book titles in the age of the barcode scanner?). Nightmare!

Obviously I’m half joking. But if anyone has any tips on organising a mega book collection then please let me know!


One thought on “My novel haul

  1. I’m also having some organizing problems. I have a bookshelf, book dresser and book tote that are all full and they’re not alphabetized anymore. I made a list of the ones that I haven’t read yet, but I’ve also ended up with a few duplicates.


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