Bird Box by Josh Malerman

I bought Bird Box in ebook form on a whim one evening shortly after eating dinner with my friends. By the time I left their flat in the early hours of the morning (eyes straight ahead, walking as quick as I could) I had finished it. I was hooked almost instantly on this bizarre horror story.

The story begins a few years after some strange happenings; people going into a murderous rage and killing those around them and then themselves in gruesome fashion. The stories began in Russia and were therefore of little concern to an America that thought itself better. When the same events start unfolding in the United States it’s too late. We cut back to the early days in alternating chapters, the rest of the time we see Malorie, the main character, trying to get herself and her children to safety down a river. Blindfolded. The children are simply called The Girl and The Boy, naming them seems frivolous now that life has she knew it has come to an end.

The actual menance in the story is never seen. I quite liked it that way. There were no awkward descriptions of monsters or ethereal creatures and, really, unseen threats are always more scary. At least, they are when you’re an over-imaginative wuss like me. All we know is that if you see them, you’re dead. And your death will be gruesome.

There are some other mysteries to be solved. Why is Malorie alone except for her twin children? Where does she hope to end up? Is there any hope for her? All eventually answered as we move from her and her sisters home, to her sanctuary with strangers, to the river, to her final destination.

Overall it’s a very creepy, disturbing read and as someone who enjoys a good horror book (but never a bad one or a film) I would thoroughly recommend it.


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