Baggins Book Bazaar, Rochester


Photo found on (there were too many people smoking outside for me to get a good one!)
I’m lucky enough to live a few minutes walk from Baggins book store, the largest second hand bookshop in England. It’s a fantastic place to have a wander because it’s so easy to get lost amongst the bookshelves. I’ve walked up three sets of stairs in that place, walked down two and ended up where I started. It’s the closest thing to a real life Unseen University I could imagine.

I’ve been dipping in and out of this place for about ten years; it’s always been my go place to find Monty Python books! second hand copies of books by authors I love or to just find something I hadn’t thought of reading before. After lunch today my friend and I decided to wander in and have a look around.

The amount of books they have is staggering. My friend and I found a collection of early editions of Karl Marx’s work, as well as Mr Men books, general fiction, crime, pocket editions of books from the 20s and a book of funny quotes. And we didn’t get close to exploring the whole place. 



I could have killed a good few hours in here, but I set myself a fiver limit and picked up a couple of paperbacks that I don’t have, nor are on my Christmas list. Or else I would still be in there!


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