Book tour: Sirens in the Night by Michael Bradley

I’m very excited to be taking part in my first blog book tour! Sirens in the Night is a supernatural thriller that I was excited to read because it was a twist on a genre I’ve come to love. The book description had me intrigued:

When three corpses are found at a construction site in Philadelphia, homicide detective Samantha Ballard is assigned to investigate the bizarre deaths. The bodies seem like a hoax – withered like ancient mummies, yet dressed in modern day clothing. As more mummified corpses begin to appear throughout the city, Samantha must embark on an investigation that erodes the line between the possible and impossible.

Jack Allyn, a radio DJ who thinks his career is in a downward spiral, has his world rocked by the unusual murder of his friend. As Jack begins to search for answers, he finds himself coming face to face with a force that is as malevolent as it is entrancing.

With his life in danger, Jack must join forces with Samantha to save the city from an evil that threatens the people of Philadelphia. But with the odds stacked against them, can Jack and Samantha save their city from a primeval force with a deadly purpose?

Now, the exact nature of the threat in Jack and Samantha’s Philadelphia is kind of given away in the title, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to know exactly how it would be executed. It’s presented, believably, as something unbelievable and I enjoyed the clues that went ignored and snubbed by the characters until events reach a critical point. It could have easily turned into a simple horror with the threat obvious to the characters early on, but Michael Bradley manages to tease us with the mythology as the body count rises before the characters know what they’re up against.

There was a good mix of police drama, ancient mythology and horror and I was in no way prepared for the ending. As someone who knows next to nothing about Greek mythology or the US police system I didn’t struggle to understand what was going on, with enough context being given along the way. There was a great attention to detail that gave me a very clear picture of what was going on and I have a perfectly formed picture of Ballard’s partner, Peter, in particular.

If you enjoy a supernatural twist on a usually very straight edge genre (how many police dramas do you get where the suspect is mythological?) then I’d definitely recommend it!


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