In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

This weekend called for hot drinks and a thriller!

Oh, I loved this book. It was another one of those books I just couldn’t put down. The premise was great; Nora has been invited to her old friend’s hen do, ten years after they last spoke. Why has she been invited? Who is Clare marrying? And why is her friend Flo so determined to make the weekend perfect? 

It had a wonderfully creepy quality to it the second the characters stepped foot in the Glass House; a modern twist on the cabin in the woods trope. The very idea of looking out of floor to ceiling windows and seeing nothing, but knowing anyone could be looking in really made my skin crawl. It makes for a particularly good setting for a usually sparkling and raucous event. The main events take place over one weekend but we get a really good picture of the characters and the relationships they build. Through Nora’s eyes we get a partly nostalgic, partly bitter, partly curious picture of these people she is in such close proximity to.

And on the subject of characters I love how diverse they were! If you ignore Flo’s creepy resemblance to Clare. They weren’t token, they were well written characters with depth and back stories. They were here because they should be, not to prove a point.

As for the plot, I genuinely thought I had guessed what was going on about seven times. Only to have my theory turned on it’s head at the end of the page. In the end the answer was the one thing I hadn’t considered. It was one of those books where the narrators theories become so believable that you ignore all the other evidence, just like them. It all came together in a way I really hadn’t expected and it was a lot better than what I thought was going on.


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