The Affair by Emma Kavanagh

I happened across this short story by Emma Kavanagh when I was searching for other books by her on amazon. After finishing one of her novels, Hidden, I just had to buy anything else she’s written and this short story caught my eye. I got it for free on kindle and sat down to read it on my phone in my lunch break today (isn’t technology a wonderful thing?)

To my pleasant surprise this story includes a lot of characters from Hidden which meant that it felt like a Easter egg on my favourite DVD. The story is set sometime before the events of Hidden and a few characters are mentioned in passing. It was good to see more of Charlie and Del, two of my favourite characters from that book.

Being a short story the execution was interesting. The murder, mystery and gruesome truth are all wrapped up within a few pages, with enough left unanswered to make us question the truth. The short story is a very difficult to execute art form and this one was no disappointment!


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