Finding Hope by Colleen Nelson


Finding Hope is a YA novel narrated alternatively by Hope and Eric, brother and sister. She is a lonely high school student struggling to fit into boarding school, he’s a meth addict.

This is the first YA book I’ve read in a while that had any sort of romantic plot and I really enjoyed it… Except for the romantic plot. I’ll be honest and say that I was distinctly not enamoured with Hope’s story towards the middle of the book, in fact I was finding her plot to be rushed and unbelievable. Then it turned out it was rushed and unbelievable, that was the point, and I liked her storyline again.

The part of the story that really got me interested though was Eric’s. At first he seems fairly unrelatable, being a teenage meth addict and fallen hockey star. Hope does what she can to help him, until she leaves and he has to fend for himself. His storyline becomes more and more engaging as we find out what drove him to drugs in the first place, what he has to do to surviveand how desperate he becomes. It’s quite full on for a young adult book, but it does loosely tackle a few issues that are sadly faced by some vulnerable young people.

Overall I did enjoy reading it. I’m not the target audience, and I definitely feel like I enjoyed it in a way that probably wasn’t the original intention… But it was a good read that went a lot further than I thought it would!

Finding Hope is published March 2016. I received an early copy through Netgalley.


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