Book and a Brew December Box


There was a mini bonus treat in this month’s Book and a Brew box! A mini box of delicious smelling Christmas tea! Inspired by mulled wine, it’s an automatic win for me!

As for the usual box contents… I’m still totally in love with this subscription. Teapigs have converted even this staunch PG Tips lover and I’m amazed at the range of teabags they have. December is my third month of Book and a Brew and every box I’ve received has been completely different and equally delicious.

Of course this applies to the books too. Each month has been perfectly selected and this one is no exception. Part of me was expecting the obvious; a sugar-sweet Christmas story. I’m so glad I was wrong. Zodiac Station, a thriller set in the Arctic Circle, sounds likes the perfect winter book; dark, cold and suspenseful. From Tom Harper’s website:

Deep inside the Arctic circle, the US Coast Guard icebreaker Terra Nova batters its way through the frozen sea. One day, a gaunt figure, half-dead, skis out of the fog from across the pack ice. The crew bring him aboard and give him medical treatment for prolonged exposure, malnutrition – and a gunshot wound.

The man says his name is Thomas Anderson. He says he’s come from the research station on the ice-bound island of Utgard, two hundred kilometres south. And the tale he tells is the most extraordinary story the crew of the Terra Nova have ever heard.

I’m reminded of the Charlie Brooker series Black Mirror (which, incidentally, had one of the greatest, creepiest Christmas episodes which is probably why I’m drawing comparisons) I’m looking forward to curling up with it in the dark evenings!

I think my favourite thing about Book and a Brew is the commitment to hardbacks. I very rarely buy a hardback for myself, predominantly for cost reasons, and it’s bee nice to see my pile of hardbacks growing recently. I’m aiming to get a small display bookcase for my hallway in the new year to display them because there’s something wonderful about having a neat line of hardback books out for everyone to see!




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