Tequila Mockingbird by Tim Federle

Cocktails with a Literary Twist with my meagre leftovers of my family’s Christmas alcohol

I picked this up in the Waterstone’s Boxing Day sale after my brother spotted it. My first reaction was ‘ha, that’s a funny pun’, my next was a joyous ‘I must have this it is perfect‘. And it is.
I’m not as big a drinker as I used to be. Being 24 with a full time job, an aversion to fizzy drinks, a fear of hangovers and a family propensity towards alcoholism I can’t and won’t really handle my drinks in the same way I did even aged 20. However, I’ll make an exception for decent cider festivals and, apparently, literary inspired cocktails.

This book is beautifully illustration with some hilarious nods towards the novels mentioned and each cocktail is inspired by a specific book. There’s a decent introduction to drinks making with all the terms and equipment laid out and unit conversions at the back. This isn’t the joke book I first thought it was, some serious thought went into it. There’s sections of drinks for girls and guys (my one issue with the book, I have a bee in my bonnet about unnecessary gendering of alcohol), a section of pitchers for books clubs and some book-based bar snacks.

Each drink is introduced with a brief outline of what the book was about and how it inspired the cocktail. The commentary is wry like the blurb states (Fahrenheit 151 and Brave New Swirled being my favourite tongue in cheek comments on current affairs and how they’re reflected in their respective stories). There’s even a nod to ‘recovering readers’ in the form of some non-alcoholic mixes inspired by children’s books (a section I appreciate as the relative of more than one dead alcoholic). 

It’s a real little gem of a book!


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