Rooms by Lauren Oliver

Rooms was the first book I got from A Book and A Brew and I was so excited because it was an author I had loved a few years ago and hadn’t kept up with. I first read the Delirium trilogy while I was at university, and later Before I Fall and Panic sat on a step when I was working a job where I knew no one at lunchtime. 

The thing I love most about Lauren Oliver’s books is that they’re so unique. Whether they’re a twist on dystopia, youth or even death, they have something to say. Rooms is no exception. Narrated by ghosts trapped within the walls of a house that keeps them tied to the world, and focussing on a family returning after the death of it’s last owner, there’s a lot going on. Lauren Oliver makes good use of the unreliable narrator trope, with Alice and Sandra keeping the secrets of their lives and deaths, or perhaps not even remembering, being so ingrained in the building.

It’s a good comment on letting go of the things that hold us down. The living, Trenton, Minna and Caroline, each battle their own problems and demons in the wake of their father and husband’s death. The ghosts, Alice and Sandra, learning to slowly forgive themselves for the mistakes they made.

I’ve never been one for ghost stories, but recently I’ve had my mind changed.



One thought on “Rooms by Lauren Oliver

  1. This book is gorgeous all the way through. I read it way early this year, but I fell in love with it–it’s what drove me to pick up her Delirium trilogy, actually! Also, I agree with you about how great the unreliable narrator trope is for this read.


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