Ebooks and Kindles

So, I got myself a kindle! I’ve been thinking about it for a while now after realising how many hours I spend staring at my iPad every day reading ebooks. I had a kindle many, many years ago (one of the first ones with a keyboard and 3G). I eventually wore it out (I think by using it as a portable internet device too often) and it have up the ghost. Since then I’ve been reluctant to shell out again and used the free iPad kindle app instead.

At Christmas, however, I happened to look up prices thanks to my brother’s suggestion and found a bunch of them refurbished by sellers on ebay for surprisingly low prices. The one I chose is a 4th gen, bog standard, non touch screen model which is perfect for the basic usage I have in mind. It arrived today, having apparently been shipped super quick!

It’s amazingly small and light and already I’m enjoying the feel of it in my hand vs my iPad (mini). All of my amazon purchases, and my netgalley downloads, are there already thanks to the clever syncing and so I’m good to go!

I didn’t realise that this model still had the experimental features,which meant that I was able to use a web browser and download the Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection I had been reading this morning. Seeing as I was reading it for an hour this afternoon and am still only 1% through it kind of shows why buying an ereader that is better for my eyes than an iPad screen was a necessity!

I have around 120 ebooks in my cloud as we speak, including several from netgalley (and a good portion of them I’ve already read). I’ll be taking it to work so I can read more on the go!


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