Reading resolutions

One of my major goals for 2015 was to read 52 books, one a week, and to read more women than men. I wrote a little bit about what female authors mean to be at the beginning of Read Women December, and even without that month I smashed my target. I ended up with about  about 75% of the books I read being by women. 

What I failed to take into account, though, is that while I can aim to read more female authors there was still a lack of diversity in the books I read. Taking into account the books I’m currently reading only two of the fifty eight books I read this year have been written by POC. Only a handful had characters that weren’t straight. Which makes my attempts to change my reading habits far less intersectional.

So, my goal for 2016 is to make a conscious effort to change that. I’ve read more this year than any before and I do put that down to being more conscientious with my reading choices and I hold my hands up that I wasn’t conscientious enough. My aim for 2016 is to read at least 60 books (I’m hoping to read a lot more, my reading efforts weren’t great during the first half of the year and I read twice as much from July-December than in the first half. In fact my Goodreads challenge is set to 80 to be optimistic). But, more specifically, I want to make sure I’m challenging myself with what I read. Or, at least, challenging myself to make better choices with what I read.

I want, again, to read more women. I also want to read more women (and men) who don’t come from the same background as me. I have a bunch of books by WOC thanks to one of my university modules (Ethnic American Literature- we were supposed to read a breadth of authors from every ethnic background in America but I was not mentally in the best state back then and read the bare minimum). 

I’d also like, although I realise that this could fly in the face of my first aim, to read more ‘classics’ this year. I’m thinking of doing a bi-weekly review of various classics over the course of the year, particularly ones that I haven’t considered reading before. Most of the ones I currently own are by white authors, so if anyone has any recommendations of classics written by POC please do send them my way! (I’m also doing my own research but I’m always open to recommendations!) I’m defining classics loosely now… I should probably say ‘vintage’… Basically anything written before I was born!

It’s not a perfect target, I know, but I would like to try. If anyone has any recommendations please send them my way!


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