Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris

I started reading this book last night, convinced I would get through a couple of chapters, and finished well before bedtime. Twitter is chatting about it as we speak using the hashtag #StaySingle and it’s definitely fitting!

It wasn’t quite the story I was expecting and was fairly refreshing to read a story about domestic abuse that doesn’t use rape as a cheap thrill tactic. It’s all psychological, which is I think something that doesn’t get written about enough and writing forgets that abuse doesn’t have to be physical violence.

The story alternates between the present, beginning at a dinner party, and the past, when Grace meets Jack. I preferred the present day story as I found the beginnings of their relationship creepily lovey dovey considering the uneasy way the present is written and the knowledge things aren’t going to go right. 

The best part, for me, was the ending. I won’t give it away but I loved the character of Esther and the ending was very cleverly written.

Overall I thought it was a really creepy thriller. I had to turn all I my lights on and have a look around the flat before bedtime and I am definitely expecting some disturbing dreams at some point this week!


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