Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate

I am absolutely in love with everything about this book. Seven Ways We Lie  revolves around seven main characters – and narrators – in a high school where scandal has just broke. Each character represents one of the seven deadly sins and they are all intrinsically linked, at least by the end.

The characters are probably the most diverse I have ever come across. We have characters who are pansexual, asexual, hispanic. Although it’s not explicitly stated I also read a couple of characters as mixed race, but I’m not sure ambiguity equals diversity.

The story takes place over a fairly short amount of time, which means that the characters are more developed, and the story more explored than you would expect. Seven POVs is a lot, but they flow well and each one feels distinct and well thought out. I was least a fan of Juniper’s free verse style, but that’s probably my uni-induced distaste for unstructured poetry. The others rang true as the way teenagers would think and feel.

This really is a great debut, and a really good YA story. I enjoyed it as someone who is distinctly not young adult, so I think it’s a story that’s not confided to teenage tastes.

Seven Ways We Lie is published in March 2016. I received an early copy through Netgalley.


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