Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver

I love Lauren Oliver’s ability to write compelling, exciting books and still manage to believably turn them completely on their head. Vanishing Girls is a book that is about one thing, until you realise it’s not, and I absolutely adored it.

Without giving too much away: Vanishing a girls is about two sisters, Dara and Nick, and their lives before and after a car accident that scars Dara’s face. They start close, and through flashbacks we see them slowly drifting apart until they are no longer on speaking terms.

The twist towards the end was so sudden that I had to read it a couple of times to realise what had happened. But when I thought about it it made perfect sense. And I had to immedietly go and tell all of my friends.

I actually finished reading this two weeks ago and now that I’m reviewing it I want to go back and read it again. It’ll be a completely different book with hindsight, I think deliberately, and that’s a really clever thing to write.


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