My First Illumicrate Box!

I was surprised by an email a few days ago announcing that my Illumicrate Box was on it’s way. I have no recollection of having actually ordered one, but I’m glad I did! I love the surprise of a subscription box though, not knowing what book I’m going to get. Illumicrate is slightly different to my usual Book and A Brew subscription in that it’s only once every three months and the books involved are YA.

This month’s book is Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, a fantasy I’ve seen doing the rounds on Tumblr. I’m not usually a fantasy kind of person but I’ve decided to branch out and read different genres this year so this can help me along the way!

There were so many goodies in the box! My favourites were:

A Darker Scent of Magic Candle by Simple Candle Company. It smells like sherbet and a scented candle is always a hit with me!

I also loved these adorable bookmarks and pencil case. The pencil case design is an exclusive to Illumicrate and designed by Elena Illustration and these magnetic bookmarks by BeeDoo are the cutest!
I’ve seen these kinds of pencils online and I’ve been meaning to get some for ages so it was a nice surprise to receive some this month! 

There was also a load of other goodies like a tote bag, some badges, bookmarks, a signed bookplate from Susan Dennard and a lemonade recipe but ode were definitely my favourite! 


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