Magnetism by F Scott Fitzgerald


My classic for this month is a dip into the world of F Scott Fitzgerald. I’m also reading The Great Gatsby, but I started with Magnetism, a collection of four short stories on the subject of love. It’s one of a collection of 20 books in the Penguin Great Loves series that I bought together back in 2007.

Despite a great love of literature from the tail end of the Victorian era onwards I’m always surprised whenever I read books from that period that are funny. Which is even stranger because I tend to find that a great deal of them are. 

In any case, I’m used to a distinctly British approach to the early 20th century so these stories were a nice change. They dealt with the hustle and bustle of New York in the twenties… As well as ‘summering’ in the Hamptons (imagine!). I suppose they each contained some sort of love scandal, although I think the drama is very much of its time and nowadays seems a bit quaint. (In particular, the local scandal of Bernice bobbing her hair).

Magnetism was a nice introduction to F Scott Fitzgerald (who was recommended to me by my friend Leslie). I feel like Gatsby is a staple in US schools and has never struck me as a necessary read, until now. I liked the theme of love and the way they all grouped together (the specific theme of this book within the series is Love Is Trusting) whilst also all being very different. 

I’ve made it my aim to read and review a classic a month. January was A Study in Scarlet. February was Flowers for Algernon


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