Doris Morris… and The Invasion of The Neighbours by Janet Kelly


I got a lovely little book parcel in the post this morning and thought I’d review one of the books now! This will be my first review of a children’s book (fun fact: I work with kids and my siblings are much younger so I have a bigger interest in children’s books than you’d think).

I loved Doris Morris, not least because she slightly resembles my own decrepit old cat (pictured). But also because I liked the idea of a series with a message for kids. In this story, the first in the series, Doris learns that family will always be there to help when her owners protect her from the neighbour cats.

Illustrations are by Sam Porter and each page is colourful and kooky. I particularly like the page above… Mainly because I know it’d be a hit with kids (many hours of listening to David Walliams books has taught me that kids love reading about poo and bums in their books).

Overall, it was a cute, quirky book with a lovely message behind it. The rhyming was a nice touch for the Dr Seuss fan in me and I can imagine you’re really children really enjoying reading about Doris the old cat.

Doris Morris is available from May at Bobaloo Books!


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