Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid


This one was a cute little semi-love story that I picked up on an Amazon Marketplace Young Adult binge. Quite a few of Adi Alsaid’s books caught my eye but this one in particular was the one I was looking forward to the most. At the beginning of high school Julia and Dave, best friends, make a pact to never be cliches. To seal the deal they make a list of ‘nevers’, high school cliches they swear to never do.

The bulk of the plot occurs after Julia suggests, three months before the end of high school, that they try out every never on the list to see what they’ve been missing out on. Which is, of course, a lot it turns out. Parties, new friends, love triangles and drama occurs.

I liked the fact that Julia and Dave, arguably two ‘ironic’ hipsters (certainly in Julia’s case) realise that they have missed out on stuff thanks to their refusal to do anything ordinary. There’s no glorifying of deliberately going against the grain for the sake of it (a trope I hate both in real life and books) and at the end of the book they both come away a lot more rounded than they do at the beginning. The romance, for me, was secondary and not as predictable as I thought it would be.

The characters were pretty diverse, which I’ve said before seems to be much more common in young adult fiction than others. I didn’t like Julia that much to begin with… But I warmed to her! Dave I loved from the beginning, even if he was a tad whiny. Overall, very much enjoyed this one!


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