Accidental Book Haul

I discovered something odd about Amazon yesterday and that is that if you order an already published book at the same time you preorder a book they’ll send them to you whenever they bloody we’ll feel like it. So, I’d forgotten I’d ordered most of these books when they turned up yesterday afternoon! Which was a nice surprise but a bit of a pain as I swore I wouldn’t buy any new books in April. Technically I suppose I had already bought them so I can forgive myself.

In any case, I got:

The Missing by CL Taylor- I loved The Lie and The Accident, they were gloriously twisted thrillers so I am so excited to read her brand new book about a child that has gone missing (incidentally, such an accidental theme on my Kindle I have had to make its own collection)

The Second Love of My Life by Victoria Walters- I actually took part in the cover reveal for this book back in February and it sounded like such a cute story about a young woman finding love after her husband dies that I had to preorder it for myself!

Paper Weight by Meg Haston- I think this one was recommended to me after a YA Amazon binge. About a girl who has been sent to an inpatient facility for an eating disorder, but who plans to die on the anniversary if her brother’s death anyways. It looks like something that will make me cry.

The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey- I read and reviewed The 5th Wave recently so of course I had to find out what was you to happen to Cassie and the rest of human civilisation.

Speak by Louise Hall- I’ve had my eye on this one for a while so I’m  glad it arrived quicker than amazon predicted! This one is a sci fi about dying AI.


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