Unspeakable by Abbie Rushton

Oh my goodnes, it’s been how long? I’ve completely let life get in the way of reading recently… And my book slump has been really getting me down. I have read some wonderful books over the past few months and I will get round to reviewing them, but I thought I’d talk about my most recent read to get started… Mainly because it’s a quite fitting book about a girl who doesn’t speak.

So, I was originally drawn to Unspeakable because the blurb reminded me of Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, one of my favourite books as a teenager. But, also, because of the concept of female relationships. Unspeakable was more of an uplifting read than I was expecting. It was sad in parts, and Abbie Rushton does a really good job of putting across Megan’s frustration at not being able to speak, but it didn’t leave me feeling bleak.

Also, Megan’s trauma and relationships are almost exclusively centered around other women and how she feels about them and it was nice to read a book where those relationships are at the forefront. I do think it’s important that Young Adult books span a breadth of possible teenage experiences and the importance of books that include LGBT relationships is one I feel quite strongly about. Unspeakable does a really good job of portraying female relationships, both in friendship and romantically, without tokenisation.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and found it a to be a hick but powerful read. There’s nothing like an easy Young Adult read to get over a book slump and I immediately picked up my next book after finishing this one.


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