The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E Smith

There’s a sweet and only vaguely relevant story behind the photo I took for this post*. I love the idea of postcards, so a sweet YA involving them is right up my street.

What I liked about The Geography of You and Me was that it wasn’t over the top. It was a believable, slow burning romance despite being based- if not on the idea of love at first sight- on the idea of forming an immediate bond with another person. It doesn’t build up dramatically like a modern Romeo and Juliet, even if Lucy and Owen come from very different backgrounds, but their romance is always there in the background. Even if it up and down.

I really liked the ending. Without giving too much away it was somehow both open and understated but satisfying. It felt like there’s more to Lucy and Owen’s story, but then they’re teenagers so leaving it open felt far more realistic than having a clear cut happily ever after.

The Geography of You and Me is a cute, not-overly-sickly teen romance. I really enjoyed it.

*Postcards are brilliant, in my opinion. One of my favourite weird things to do is use Touchnote, a postcard photo app, to send ugly photos of myself with weird caption to my best friend. Like a postal Snapchat. But they can also be very cute. The written-on postcards in the photo above (the older ones that I’ve turned over) are two of a collection of maybe fifty postcards I have that my Grandad sent my Grandma when he was abroad with the RAF. Most of them are dated in the early 1950s, so I guess romance by postcards is timeless!


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