The Donor by Helen Fitzgerald

I’ve been building a pile of Helen Fitzgerald books up ever since I read The Cry back in 2014. I finally got round to digging in to it on holiday this year and I’ve been reminded how much I love her writing! 

The Donor is one of those excellent books that poses a moral question without being too in your face. Single-dad Will’s twin daughters both have the same rare kidney type, and the same rare kidney disorder. The story revolves around his dilemma and thrusts this nondescript, indecisive character into complete moral quandary. There’s a nice contrast between him and his daughter, Kay, who narrates some of the chapters, and the man that his ex-wife leaves him for. Both are fiery and loud, compared to Will’s meek moving along with life, but their story only had a resolution when these characters break away from their normal way of dealing with things.

I liked the fact that there was more to the story than just this issue of choosing between your children. There’s drug abuse, stalking, a character on the ASD spectrum and the overall theme of how much blood begets who your family is. It was a really good read, and surprisingly easy to read given the content.


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