Blogtober 2016

I’ve always wanted to take part in one of those Instagram challenges where you post a photo from a prompt each day. Unfortunately I don’t have the patience to stick to a theme for any length of time and I’ve always fallen short by a few days.

Nevertheless, there’s something about Blogtober that really appeals to me. Not being constricted by a particular theme set by someone else but just committing to posting every day this month. As it’s October and things are becoming darker, a bit colder and generally more my kind of season, I’ve loosely given myself a theme of old favourites. Books I loved as a teenager that are, like October, a little bit darker.

I’m not talking about horror specifically, I don’t have an awful lot of time for Halloween, but I’m thinking of talking about the kinds of dystopian, sci-fi or horror books I’ve always liked. I’ve made a list of about 30 books under that umbrella that I’ve read and enjoyed over the years, as well as thinking of some horror or otherwise scary books I want to read this month too.

I’m not re-reading them all (reading more than a book a day is extreme even for me) so I can’t promise in-depth reviews of every book I post about this month (some of them I would have last read when I was about thirteen) but they’re all ones that belong to genres I adore. I’ll basically be using my Old Favourites tag a lot.

So, here’s to a busy month!


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