God Bless You, Dr Kervorkian by Kurt Vonnegut

Day three of Blogtober and even though I’ve already posted today, I’m continuing on with the theme of death from yesterday’s book. But today I’m focusing on a book that’s less about grief and more of a irreverent look at what might come after life.

Kurt Vonnegut is one of my all time favourites and will feature more than once this month. God Bless You, Dr Kervorkian is a slimmer book than his usual (and he is not one for a long novel) and comprises of several anecdotes of his time interviewing people in the afterlife under the careful care of Dr Kervorkian. The beginning is basically an extended thought on humanism and freethinkers and introduces his experiments in interviewing the dead. It’s readable in about an hour or so, with time for a pall mall cigarette.

What I love about his interviews is just how much cultural context he manages to insert into a few short pages. From Shakespeare’s dialect to Newton being determined to work out how the ‘blue tunnel’ before the pearly gates works. It’s funny, it’s simple, it’s intelligent. It’s Kurt Vonnegut at his witty, succinct best.


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