Bookshop Day!

I was slightly concerned that I wouldn’t get a chance to go into any bookshops on Bookshop Day but luckily old Hastings town came to my rescue! I stumbled across Albion Books in amongst a hunch of curiosity and antique shops and obviously had to have a rummage. 

I absolutely love second hand bookshops and a lot of the time I’m looking specifically for a certain type of author. At the moment I’m beefing up my Stephen King collection, but previously I’d always head for V or W to find Kurt Vonnegut books or John Whyndham novels. So, to me, secondhand bookshops are great for sci fi and horror books in the cheap.

My local second hand bookshop (Baggins) always had a few Stephen King books, but generally they’re bought up by me fairly quickly. I’ve not found a complete Green Mile outside of the big commercial bookshops though, so I was very excited to pick it up (along with another collection of short stories) for a mere fiver. It’s one of the few Stephen King films I can bring myself to watch because it’s not horror (although I probably should face watching more seeing as I’m an adult).

But Albion Books was a dream for me; completely ridiculously piled high with no real organisation. Perfect for someon who will also happily discover whatever new things are available. I found a whole load of kids books (including Animal Ark and Heartland which were my favourites as a kid) and the longest wall was mainly crime, horror and sci fi. I feel like that’s a general formulas for most of the second hand bookshops I’ve ever visited! 

What bookshops are you visiting this weekend?


One thought on “Bookshop Day!

  1. OH MY GAWWWD! You had me at Stephen King. I love your blog already. do tell me what you think of Everything’s Eventual.


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