The Kill Order by James Dashner

After a book about a deadly flu decimating the globe it seems only natural to move on to a book where disease is used as a bioweapon as part of a wider global problem. So, day nine of Blogtober brings me to The Kill Order. This one is actually a later prequel to The Maze Runner series (which comes later in my Blogtober sequence) but I enjoyed it a lot more. Maybe because I read them in narrative, rather than chronological published, order.

The Kill Order describes events during, and a little while after, sun flares kill off any overground life. The only survivors are people who were underground at the time- in subway trains and stations, for example, and who manage to get to safety before the ensuing floods and natural disasters. The disease that comes later, a sort of flu that destroys people’s minds and humanity, is spread under the guise of ‘population control’ which brings a sinister twist to The Maze Run origins.

I think my favourite thing about this book, which was missing from the series proper, is the forged relationship in the wake of disaster. There’s a certain degree of responsibility between the older characters towards the children, particularly with regards to adults using their adult, learnt skills to protect younger characters. An element of camaraderie and self-sacrifice which I feel gave the characters an edge in being relatable. 
It’s a good prequel and a good standalone.


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