The Children of Men by PD James

It’s day twelve of Blogtober! Originally I planned to review a YA novel as its my sister’s tenth birthday and I thought it would be appropriate, but it didn’t fit into the flow of my theme so my YA pick for her has been pushed back! In its place is another novel about an unexplained phenomena threatening to decimate the human race.

The Children of Men revolves around England in the near future (2021, twenty nine years after the novel’s publication). No children have been born in twenty six years and the country is in turmoil. The only hope for human kind is in the form of a miraculously pregnant immigrant and a dissident group. There’s politics, violence and a lot of gender tensions.

One of the things I love most about Children of Men is that PD James was a 72 year old lady when it was written. Seventy two. How wonderful is it that in a genre so heavily dominated by men there’s this shining elderly star in the mix! She goes so against what you would, wrongly, expect from a dystopian crime writer.


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