The Chrysalids by John Wyndham

Day thirteen of Blogtober and today I’ve picked another John Wyndham book (and still not the last on my list!). I chose one that followed on the theme of children being the hope for a decimated human race, but with a slightly different take today.

The Chrysalids takes place many years after nuclear apocalypse, when pockets of humanity live under strict religious sects that abhors any kind of deviance. After a nuclear fallout, most animals are unrecognisable and children have begun to be born with special abilities or outside deformities. Those who can hide their differences, until a group of children begin to realise that they have been born with the ability to communicate telepathically.

It’s not one of my favourite John Wyndham novels, but I certainly enjoyed it when I read it. I think I preferred the concept of how humans would cope, or not cope, in the generations after nuclear fallout to the plot about telepathic children. The background of the zealot sect and the kind of life these people had built for themselves was very well thought out and, I think, fairly realistic all things considered.


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