Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

I’m carrying on along a strange-child-theme today with Never Let Me Go for day fifteen of Blogtober. This time, the children aren’t alien plants with the intention of wiping out the human race, but are  clones with the intention of saving it.

Never Let Me Go begins in a strange but nondescript boarding school in the English countryside. Kathy, Ruth and Tommy are three friends within the school who soon begin to understand that there may be a sinister reason for their existence. They were born to donate their organs to ‘originals’- non cloned humans- and must learn to accept their futures, whilst also trying to keep their relationships in their short lives.

When I first read Never Let Me Go I had a paperback based on the recently released film version, which I had yet to see, and so I spent the first half of the book imagining it was narrated Kiera Knightly, only to then have to readjust my mental image of the characters when I looked up the cast list properly. That’s not particularly relevant but I always think of it when I think of this book.

Never Let Me Go is a beautiful book. It’s bleak, and very English-Countryside-In-The-Drizzle with a dash of dystopia, but it’s beautifully written and plotted. There’s very much a sense from the beginning that something is not right, that we’re not going to get the happy ending we might hope for, but the bit in the middle is an ongoing testament to hope and love.


One thought on “Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

  1. Yes! I had the two female characters round the wrong way for the first half of the book in my head for the same reason. I really need to reread this book, I loved it. I was impressed by the way Ishiguro gradually reveals what’s going on in the same way as the children find out – like them, by the time we are told what’s happening we’ve just about figured it out for ourselves.


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