I See You by Clare Mackintosh

Not part of my Blogtober schedule but I have been doing some reading this month! I’ve been a bit hit and miss with the books I’ve picked up and I’ve all but abandoned three. But this one was reliably recommended to me and I absolutely loved it.

I See You begins with mum Zoe spotting a photo of herself in the classified pages on a London newspaper. The only clue to why it’s there is a seemingly defunct website and an incorrect telephone number. The next day a different woman appears, one who gives Zoe, and BTP officer Kelly, a link to crimes against women across the city. 

The story is well paced, with a few big twists and a lot of believable setbacks on the way. I can imagine completely the difficulties Zoe would face to be taken seriously, whilst also seeing the other side as her family believe her to be more and more paranoid. I wasn’t prepared for the twist at the end. I mean, I kind of was, maybe a page beforehand, but I definitely hadn’t figured it out until the last minute. 

Clare Mackintosh writes a really good thriller. It’s not over the top ridiculous, it’s believable in a British commuter context (like The Girl On The Train, both have enough familiarity for British commuters to put you in edge) but it’s exciting enough to keep you hooked. I had to know what happened next and the end had me suitably creeped out to still be thinking about it.


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