The Last Days of Jack Sparks by Jason Arnopp

I’ve said it before, I am a massive wuss when it comes to horror films, but I love horror novels. I don’t know why I love one but not the other- my imagination can conjure up far worse than the greatest Hollywood directors/ but there we go.

The Last Days of Jack Sparks has kept me up for a couple of nights now. I’m sure it will be keep me up for longer but I only finished it last night and it took me two days to read. It’s creepy, gory but also rooted in such a believable format that it makes the supernatural more believable as a result. The premise; Alistair Sparks introduces the unfinished final book written by his recently deceased brother. The book is peppered with footnotes from Alistair, as well editorial notes written by Jack to his editor. It’s set out as a factual memoir; but it’s up to us to find out if it’s the story of the decline of Jack Sparks’ mental state or an actual account of supernatural happenings.

I really like Jack Sparks as a character and narrator, despite him representing a lot of things I find abhorrent; vocal and aggressive atheism à la Ricky Gervais; egotistic rockers; an obsession with image and the drugs lifestyle. But he becomes more likeable as a narrator when you accept him as an awful person. He’s not meant to be decent, that’s part of his problem.

It’s a perfect one to read in time for Halloween. I was thoroughly terrified!


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