More Than This by Patrick Ness

More Than This is the last YA on my Blogtober list for day twenty two and it’s a little different from the last few books and series I’ve reviewed! 

At the beginning of More Than This Seth wakes up in a coffin on a deserted English street which he assumes to be hell. The last thing he remembers is drowning in America, where his family emigrated to after his brother had an accident that changes their lives.

I really like Patrick Ness books, A Monster Calls is one of my absolute favourites, but More Than This has a very different feel. It’s kind of a post apocalyptic, matrix-esque, coming of age comment on family and depression and what it means to want to leave our problems behind. Without wanting to give too much of the plot away there’s an unrest underpinning on the guilt children can feel when adults don’t deal with things appropriately, as well as the pain of first love being ripped away by bigotry. It’s a good book for young people, with diverse characters, a healthy representation of an LGBT relationship and enough peril to keep you on edge.


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