Hello Me, It’s You by Hannah Todd and Anonymous

I got this lovely little book on Netgalley fairly recently and read it while I drank my cup of tea in my friend’s armchair yesterday. It’s very short, but very sweet.

Hello Me, It’s You is a collection of letters compiled and edited by Hannah Todd from anonymous twenty-somethings to their sixteen year old selves. Each one is heartfelt and sometimes painful as they talk about the things they’re about to go through and how they come out the other side. There’s something I think most people will relate to and the letters being anonymous and therefore gender less gives a relatable, rather than alienating, quality to each of them. 

Some of them felt like something I could write to sixteen year old me, others were outside my realm of experience. But there’s still something quite lovely about the optimism and hope of people thinking back on their early adulthood as something to learn from and reading the results. 


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