War of the Worlds by HG Wells 

I first read War of the Worlds about eight years ago when I was on holiday in France and found a copy in the house we were staying in. Up until that point I’d only seen the Tom Cruise film. It was a lot better than I was expecting.

I feel like I need to cheat this review because I am fairly drunk but I should persist. 

I really liked this book.*

*edit: I probably should expand on this now. War of the Worlds does a really good job of being creepy and terrifying without showing the aliens fully at every turn. There’s a lot of suspense when the narrator is hiding out during his journey and the scene where he takes cover with a vicar who has been driven mad with fear is amazing.

The ending I also think is really clever. The idea that aliens would be wiped out by failing to take our common illnesses in to account is quite forward thinking for a Victorian novel. It’s also a hopeful thought should aliens ever try to take over. 

Something I’ve found out quite recently about this book is that HG Wells hated the original illustrations and edited his description of the Martians to reflect how ridiculous he thought that they looked and to basically bitch about the illustrator. Which is brilliantly petty,


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