The Girl With All The Gifts by MR Carey

I’ve picked another misunderstood monster for day twenty seven of Blogtober. The Girl With All The Gifts is a twist on the standard zombie story, set twenty years after a fungal disease infects humans and turns the majority of the population in to mindless, flesh eating ‘hungries’.

The story revolves around a group of children confined within a military camp. Every morning Melanie is visited in her cell, strapped in to a wheelchair and taken to a classroom to be taught by her favourite teacher, Miss Justineau. Melanie is a hungry that has retained her human mental capacities and has a genius level IQ, the military base is a front for a scientist that wants to dissect her and the other children to find a cure. When the base is attacked the adults must work around their fear of Melanie in order to save themselves.

It’s a fantastic book with some really great characters. The relationships between the adults and Melanie is one of the best parts of this book, not the zombie plot, and the ways in which they are charmed by her and learn to face their fears is what makes this book what it is.


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