Carrie by Stephen King

I’m continuing along the horror novel vibe for day twenty nine of Blogtober (only two more days to go! I’ve nearly made it!) with Carrie. By wonderful coincidence The Little Contemporary Corner are running a Halloween Carrie Readathon so I’ve started reread of it today! I’m only on page thirty eight though so this will all be from memory when I read it eleven years ago.

Carrie was the first horror book I ever read, back when I was doing my GCSEs. I remember liking the format; the slightly disjointed combination of essays, book excerpts, interviews, reports and narrative that give away that something bad happened, but never the specifics until the end. Carrie’s powers aren’t a twist, but the true scale of the devastation she causes isn’t apparent until the last pages.

It’s not the most terrifying of Stephen king’s book, being his very first, but it’s still a good one and I’m enjoying re reading it! 


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