Horns by Joe Hill

For day thirty of Blogtober I’ve picked Horns, written by the son of Stephen King, to continue my horror theme! 

In Horns Ig wakes up after a debaunched night out to find that he has grown a pair of horns. With then comes devilish powers, including the ability to discover people’s worst thoughts and desires. He uses his newfound abilities to hunt down the man who raped and murdered his girlfriend, a crime that he is largely believed to have committed.

Horns is clearly a slightly bizarre book, there’s a lot of devil undertones and quasi-religious symbolism. And snakes. Lots of snakes. Where most of the characters suffer an almost demonic possession by Ig’s powers  there’s not much in terms of character development; it’s a fantasy-horror revenge story first and foremost. No one learns anything, people suffer in weird and fantastical ways, but it’s still good! 


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