Far From You by Tess Sharpe

Warning: There are mild spoilers in this one! (Nothing to do with the ending, but references to some plot points)

I’d seen this one floating around Twitter for a while so I was quite excited to read it. It was a good thriller… I had some issues with it as a concept but it was a dark, edgy read.

Sophie is a drug addict recovering from a dependency on painkillers after a car crash left her with long term injuries. She returns from a rehab facility with her whole town believing that her relapse caused the death of her best friend in a drug deal gone wrong. Only Sophie knows the truth, that Mina’s killer knew her and that Sophie herself has been clean for months. Together with her few remaining friends in the town she seeks out Mina’s killer and ends up in increasing danger herself.

I think I had the same issue with Far From You as I did with Little Girl Gone. Namely that the dramatics of the story jarred a bit in my British-guns-aren’t-common-brain. But that’s on me. I just find those sort of small-town-gun-toting-car-chase scenes a bit much. The whole thing was brilliantly written though, so I can’t fault it on that front.

I’ve seen the LGBT rep discussed quite a lot on Twitter; it features a lesbian and a bisexual girl as main characters. I wish that they could have had a happy ending, but it wasn’t to be. Given that one of them was dead at the beginning that’s probably fairly obvious, but there we go.

I did really enjoy reading Far From You, despite some misgivings. It was well written, edgy in the right places (what with the drugs and murder) and sympathetic in others (Sophie and Mina’s relationship-that-could-never-quite-be).


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