The First Ninja Book Box!

I received my first Ninja Book Box today! I’ve previously blogged about the box before, just after the Kickstarter project ended, but I finally got to see what was inside! I don’t want to spoil anyone because I know a few boxes haven’t arrived yet so I’ve put a couple of photos under a ‘Read More’ tag- so click at your own peril!

Ninja Book Box pride themselves on focusing on independent publishers, which is very exciting for someone like me who’s trying to broaden their reading horizons. The theme of the first box was ‘Sightly Surreal’, with every component inspired by the surprise book!

Spoilers below the line, but suffice to say I’m really pleased with the first box and I can’t wait to find out what Bex has got planned for next time!

Spoilers past here!!







The book is set in Cardiff, so we have a Welsh recipe and cards inspired by the city map. Star-Shot obviously calls for a constellation-themed tea towel and the surreal theme of the book and the box means that that coaster is perfect.

Not pictured: a Ninja Book Box keyring and a frog charm with a felt lilypad (I believe I’m not supposed to ask about the frog!)

Because of my pledge for the Kickstarter I also got an additional gift- this book about a down-on-his-luck British musician.

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