All The Rage by Courtney Summers

This was another book I bought in response to Trump’s comments about women in the media- after a nice librarian in an American high school recommended a bunch on Twitter and I bought them all. So far both this one and What We Saw have been refreshingly honest, feminist commentaries on sexual assault.

All The Rage has an interesting timeline that takes the focus off of the actual act of violence but instead focuses on how Remy copes with the aftermath of being raped. It’s talked about, and her feelings at the time are recounted quite vividly, so please be warned that it would likely be triggering, but her rapist takes a back seat for the rest of the story. Instead Romy deals with barbed comments from her peers, as well as trying to build relationships with people who don’t know what happened to her. It’s about her feelings, how she deals with it, not about him.

After a former friend goes missing at a party Romy’s feelings of despair and anger intensify as she wonders what makes someone a ‘worthwhile’ victim. And why she wasn’t deemed so.

It’s a very intense story. Romy’s feelings aren’t prettied for the narration; they’re raw and realistic and raging. Highly recommended.


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