Latin@ Rising edited by Matthew David Goodwin 

I got this anthology some time ago on the recommendation of Naz at Read Diverse Books and have been dipping in and out of it for the past few months. Reading The New Voices of Fantasy really put me in the mood for more speculative short stories so I read the final half of it yesterday! 

Matthew David Goodwin has put together a collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories and poems from Latin American writers based in the United States. It’s got great scope as a collection, from more subtle fantasy to magical realism to high science fiction concepts and the stories sort of ebb and flow between different speculative themes. But running through all of them is the idea of what it means to be Latinx in America as both an immigrant or several generations down the line.

It’s a very well thought out collection, beginning and ending with stories about heritage and tradition. The introduction to each story (or author if they have more than one piece of writing) is comprehensive and interesting- I ended up buying quite a few books from th authors included thanks to the descriptions in the anthology- and it’s clearly a labour of love.

So if you’re in to speculative fiction, short stories or Latinx writing and culture then I’d thoroughly recommend this book! 


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