Deer Life by Ron Sexsmith

Deer Life is described as a ‘wicked fairytale of witchcraft, bullying, revenge’ and is probably add ‘playful’ to that too. I enjoyed reading it, but it was also a fairly flawed book.

Deryn Hedlight is already having a bad day when he accidentally shoots a witch’s dog whilst hunting and ends up being turned in to a deer. Strange things have been happening throughout the town and Deryn, dubbed Lucky the deer by his unsuspecting best friend, becomes involved in a haphazard quest to rid the town of a witch. Except none of the characters really know that’s what they’re doing.

It was a fun, quirky read with a narrator that put me in mind of the sort of Lemony Snickett omniscient ‘I’ storyteller, but just not quite as funny. I feel like as a whole the story just missed the mark and while I enjoyed it, the ending fell a bit flat for me. Perhaps the attempt to marry fairytales with adult fiction just wasn’t carried out the right way here.

I received a copy of Deer Life from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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