Review Policy and Contact

I’m happy to be approached about reading a reviewing a book but please do not be offended if I decide that your book is not for me. There will also be times when life unexpectedly gets on top of me and I have to delay blogging, I read entirely for pleasure so if it’s becoming more stressful I will prioritise!

Right now I am mainly interested in diverse books by women, members of the queer community and/or writers of colour. If you are a writer from outside of the UK/US then please do get in touch!

I am open to trying new genres, but I do mainly read speculative fiction, thrillers, satire, dystopias, YA and poetry for pleasure. I’m probably not the girl to come to if you want a review of erotica or fantasy, however (unless you consider yourself to be the next Terry Pratchett in which case I would just have to try it out).

If you have a book you think I might be interested in and would like a review, please feel free to contact me below, or on Twitter at @anovelhaul:

Please include a description of the book or a link to it on Goodreads/Amazon etc!