Review Policy and Contact

I’m happy to read and review books recommended by me by agents or authors and am always excited to be approached about a new book! As of mid-December I would have taken part in four blog tours and I’ve found them to be a very rewarding experience as a reader. I am open to trying new genres, but I do mainly read thrillers, satire, dystopias, YA or romance for pleasure. I’m probably not the girl to come to if you want a review of erotica or fantasy, however (unless you consider yourself to be the next Terry Pratchett in which case I would just have to try it out).

However, if you have a book you would like an honest, fair opinion on, please feel free to contact me below, or on Twitter at @anovelhaul:

Please include a description of the book or a link to it on Goodreads/Amazon etc!