Read the World Project Roundup

Here’s a roundup of my progress on Read the World project so far! I’m keeping my spreadsheet under wraps for now (unless anyone specifically asks to see it, it’s not top secret!) so this page will unfold as I read for each country.

Countries are listed alphabetically, with peoples are listed broadly under their names alphabetically. The system might change as I go on. If anyone has any issue with the names I’ve used then please let me know and I’ll change them.

If anyone has any recommendations then let me know!

A Note on Reviews

For pretty much all of these books I’ve going to be reading outside of my own experiences, that’s kind of the point. For many of them I’ll be reading books unlike the ones that I’ve ever read before. So, this considered, some of these posts won’t be reviews as such but more like me talking about the book and my experience reading them. Without the relevant context in a wider scope of literature from each country, and without the life experiences to back any judgements up, I don’t feel qualified to ‘review’ every book I read in the usual fashion.


Bosnia and Herzegovina






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